7 guidelines for successfully applying makeup foundation

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The goal of the cosmetics foundation is to uniformly blend the skin’s color and texture for a flawless appearance. It is crucial to use it correctly in order to conceal it and prevent stains for this reason.


Keep in mind this advice to apply foundation correctly:


1. Try to have very clean, well-hydrated skin first.


2. The base tone need to be as near to your skin tone as possible.


3. Apply the appropriate instruments, such as brushes, sponges, or your fingers.


4. Start by blending a tiny bit to the sides after applying it in the middle of the face. As needed, add more product.


5. Don’t forget to cover your ears and neck as well.


6. Instead of adding more foundation, use a concealer if you need more coverage to cover up a blemish.


7. Seal the foundation with a translucent powder to make it last longer.


Use the advice above while applying foundation on your face!

Source: Backstory Studios