7 suggestions for smart shopping

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For those who enjoy fashion, shopping is always an enticing opportunity. BUT. How often do you find yourself carrying around additional baggage or regretting decisions you’ve made?

To avoid this from happening again, heed the following guidelines when making purchases:

  1. Before leaving, take a look in your closet to remind yourself of what you already have and steer clear of duplicating purchases.
  2. Never purchase an item merely because it is discounted.
  3. Always try it on before buying.
  4. Only invest in clothing that you feel comfortable wearing.
  5. Take into account how much you’ll use the item and whether it works well with what you already have.
  6. Don’t follow trends; stick to the fundamentals.
  7. Never buy something unless you are absolutely confident about it.

If you use these, your shopping habits will significantly improve!

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