7 ways to spot premium clothing

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It’s important to buy high-quality, washable clothes when assembling a basic wardrobe with timeless pieces.

But how? How to evaluate a purchase? Attention:

Expose the garment to the light. Transparent fabrics are poorer.

Wrinkle test. Squeeze the fabric briefly, then release. If it stays wrinkled, don’t buy it.

Zippers matter. A well-made clothing has a hidden, fabric-matched zipper.

About seams: c heck hems, collars, and cuffs. The tighter the seam, the better.

About labels: c heck fabric composition. Cotton, wool, and silk should outnumber synthetic fibers.

Buttonholes and buttons: Loose or messy seams are bad signs.

Be wary of low prices: Good-quality clothing is more expensive due to its materials.

Source: Backstory Studios