De-clutter your closet!

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How much of your closet do you wear? Seasonal changes are an excellent time to organize and get rid of old items that take up valuable space. Donate or give it away so it can live again.

To avoid closet cleanup overwhelm, remember what to remove:

Vintage clothes: They’re out of style now. Classic and timeless clothes that last a lifetime are exempt.

Unfixed clothes: If you have garments that need to be changed or arranged (change zipper, raise the hem, etc.) for a long time and you don’t plan to do it right away, it’s best to throw them out since you’ll probably never do it. Broken or missing pieces, accessories, or jewelry apply too.

Everything not your size: Keep only what fits now.

Old clothes: If you forgot you had them or they still have the label on, that means they never convinced you. Better give them away.

Homeworn sweatshirts and t-shirts: Dressing well boosts your mood even if you don’t go out. Toss ragged clothes!

Organize your closet. After cleaning and organizing, you’ll be shocked at how much you accumulate!

Source: Backstory Studios