Five suggestions for stylish puffer jacket wear

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Jackets are making a comeback as the temperature drops! To stay warm and embrace your urban style this season, the padded puffer jacket is still popular.

What must you consider in order to wear it stylishly? Be aware:

1. Be mindful of the proportions. Wear fitted clothes underneath your puffer jacket to maintain the balance of the silhouette.

2. To avoid the jacket competing with the rest of your outfit, if you choose bright or metallic colors, pair them with simple clothing.

3. Avoid wearing bulky clothing inside your jacket to avoid appearing too big.

4. Another stylish alternative is to pair it with classy attire like a dress or midi skirt!

5. Would you consider wearing a printed jacket? Try it out! Wear it with a simple-colored outfit.

Put on your puffer jacket for a chic, modern style!

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