Learn the history of the legendary Hermès Birkin bag.

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Hermès is a prestigious high-end label in the fashion business. The renowned Birkin bag, one of its high-end items, is a must-have for just a very select few people due to its excessive price tag of thousands of dollars, as well as the firm’s thorough selection of its consumers (a few years ago there was a waiting list to be able to acquire it).

This legendary bag was conceived during a chance meeting on a flight between Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the director of Hermès, in 1981. Dumas was captivated by the actress and singer’s usage of a wicker basket to transport her personal stuff. Birkin claimed that she couldn’t find a purse that was both handy and adaptive for her.

The Hermès manager then recommended that they create one together, and thus the legendary Birkin model was born.

This handcrafted bag is a good investment since it grows in value over time because it is totally handmade with superior leather and materials.

Did you know how the Birkin bag originated?

Source: Backstory Studios