When attending a wedding, stay away from these 7 mistakes.

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Have you been asked to a wedding and are trying to decide what to wear? When getting ready for an outfit, avoid these common mistakes that could utterly ruin your appearance:

  1. The worst mistake a guest might make is to dress entirely in white. Ivory, cream, and beige hues are not acceptable. On her special day, only the bride dons white.
  2. Dresses that are too short: Depending on the time of the ceremony, the required minimum length would be just above the knees.
  3. Too much sex: For such a formal event, tight, ostentatious, or bustier dresses are a clear no-no.
  4. wearing clothing that is excessively casual: Never wear athletic or denim attire, not even in conjunction with what would be considered appropriate.
  5. Using a Maxi Purse: Steer clear of big purses because they’ll ruin your complete look. Choose to bring a small bag or a clutch instead.
  6. Excessive jewelry: Unless they are extremely subtle, it is not recommended to wear necklaces, rings, or wristbands at the same time. Keep in mind that little is more.
  7. Even if you may have purchased brand-new shoes especially for this occasion, wearing them for the first time may make you uncomfortable and even ruin the experience.

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